Best cheap little wireless speakers?
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What's the most portable, cheapest, best quality wireless/Bluetooth speaker(s) out there?

I'd like to be able to play music from my laptop/droid phone left in my bedroom, through a wireless speaker set up downstairs or outside in the backyard for BBQ's or small gatherings. Would also love to be able to throw it in my backpack and travel with it as well.

It does NOT need to be top-notch state of the art by any means, just something with a little more dimension and clarity than standard laptop/iPad speakers.

My top priorities in order are portability, then price, and THEN sound quality. Wireless range is semi-important since I'm on the third floor of the house. I was looking at this but I'm a little sketched by how I can't find any other info on it really, and it looks like you have to connect some kind of USB transmitter thingy to your device (I'd rather NOT have one more thing to lose)? Or is that how they all work?

I'd like to spend less than 40 bucks if possible.
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You could get a bluetooth sound receiver and connect it to normal speakers.
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I'd forsake Bluetooth for a two floor distance and go wifi with one those small Apple's Airport base stations that have line out audio.
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If your situation is similar to mine, I recommend a Bluetooth adapter for $32. It makes any speakers Bluetooth.

Bluetooth supports a 30-ft range. Mine goes 40 ft, through a wall. You can plug any powered speakers into it. It's about the size of a deck of cards.

Mine works great. 2-tap (or 2-click) music through my speakers, from my phone, iPad, computer in the next room.

CNET review

(The reviewer lists one 'bad' feature, and even that is nonsense. 'Wireless' refers to the signal from your source -- not the adapter's need for power and connection to the speakers.)

Good luck!
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For something you can throw in your backpack and take with you, Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey and I are both pretty satisfied with our Boombot 2 speakers. Excellent for impromptu dance parties in the park or atop a picnic table (sorry for the noise of jingling keys throughout).
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