Actually, I don't care for Piña Coladas...
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I have a whole case of plain ol' Bacardi rum. What's your favorite rum based recipe that doesn't require a top-shelf liquor?

My girlfriend got the case as a thank-you gift. I've never had this much booze in the house at once. Bacardi isn't necessarily good enough to give away to friends and family as a gift, so we'll just have to drink it.

I can't drink rum and Coke anymore after burning out on it in college, and Mojitos and Dark & Stormys are the only other rum drinks that we occasionally enjoy. I love a good Mai Tai, but Bacardi doesn't seem right for a Mai Tai.

I do not like coconut. Everything else that goes into a tropical drink is fair game, though.
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St. Vincent Rum Punch is fine with Bacardi.

A classic Daiquiri was designed to use Bacardi--lots of people in the 1930s used to call it "Bacardi cocktail" in fact.
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How about cooking with it, since you have boatloads?

PS: when's the party and what should I wear? ;-)
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Is it white or dark? If it's white, make Frozen Mohitos with lots and lots of mint. For some reason, I find them more satisfying than the muddled kind.
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Dark and stormy? Bacardi cocktail-/sweet and pink!
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It's summer, so I'd get me some fruit and make daiquiris. Blenderfuls of delicious frosty daiquiris. Strawberry, mango, raspberrry, etc. Use whole fruit, ice, lemonade/bar lemon and a splash of soda water (my secret ingredient). Yum!
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Yeah, I was going to suggest a nice classic Daiquiri. I like mine with extra lime juice.
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One of my favorite recipes is "Slightly Boozy Strawberries".

You take a big bowl of cut up strawberries and you...well, you probably can imagine the rest.
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Best answer: Ripe plantains baked with rum & brown sugar & butter nomnomnom. You can do it sweet like a dessert (add raisins too) or spice it up & use less sugar.
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You can always make punch. There are millions of recipes out there for Pain Killers as well, which never fail to delight.
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Breaking the beverage mould I have discovered, you can substitute rum for pretty much any bourbon-based cooking recipe. I'm a huge fan of rum-based BBQ sauce for ribs, rum-based short ribs and pork roasts, rum + ginger marinated steaks, and rum + brown sugar glazed chicken. Rum-based desserts are also awesome!
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Rum Balls are a yummy dessert, if you're in the mood for something sweet.
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You're going to be set when the holidays roll around and you're ready to spike the eggnog. Rum is also good added to hot apple cider.

For more year-round, you really can't go wrong by adding rum to most any fruit juice, or even blending with whole fruit. Try something more uncommon like pomegranate, blueberry, mango, passion fruit, etc. Add simple syrup to sweeten up if you need to.

For a super easy mixed drink, try rum & ginger ale. You can gussy this up a little bit by adding some muddled ginger root and mint leaves if you're entertaining.
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For a fast summer drink, Dole Mango-Peach-Pineapple juice + ice + rum = Fruity Rum Drink. Proportions up to you, but I'd start with more juice and less rum.
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Daiquiri. They are great made with pretty much any in season fruit. Frozen ones are great on a hot day.
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Best answer: Michael Procopio's Shirley Temple Black is the best take on a dark & stormy I have ever had. I don't--as a general rule--drink rum, but this is now in our regular rotation of cocktails.
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Response by poster: As a matter of happenstance, I had Luxardo and ginger beer on hand. Shirley Temple Blacks all around!
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Back in the 70s & 80s my parent's used to have "Moose Milk" parties around the holidays. Open house, bad sweaters, and spiked eggnog. Rum works. Been meaning to bring back the tradition one of these years. So, if you still have some come December, remember the humble moose.
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Hot buttered rum with apple juice, yummy. Could you make a lot of fruit cakes?
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You could always spice it up yourself - stick a few cinnamon sticks, some cloves, and a tiny bit of ginger into one of the bottles and let steep for a couple of weeks.

Strain it, pour it back into the bottle, and enjoy!

(And you can also do this with other things. So, for example, types of tea, lemon peel, coffee, skittles...the list goes on and on.)
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You could make vanilla extract with it. Loads of suppliers of cheap-ish vanilla beans on-line (try eBay), loads of recipes/directions to be Googled. That might be good enough to decant and give away...
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Make or buy a lemon pound cake. Soak with rum. Steep overnight in the fridge. Enjoy. Your friends will love this gift.
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A classic Daiquiri was designed to use Bacardi--lots of people in the 1930s used to call it "Bacardi cocktail" in fact.

Alas, modern Bacardi has little in common with the stuff of the old days that was so highly praised. I had the opportunity to try some Bacardi from the 1950s side-by-side with the modern stuff. Simply put, they were two entirely different products. The vintage rum was smooth, rich and flavorful. The modern rum tasted vaguely of rubbing alcohol.

The Bacardi Cocktail contains grenadine, going back to its first known recipe under that name in 1917. In 1937, a court of law ruled that a Bacardi Cocktail must contain Bacardi.
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What headnsouth said - but flambé! Dessert on fire is fun!
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I like to make an alcoholic Da Chanh (Vietnamese lemonade): Rum (light or dark), simple syrup made with cane sugar, lots of lime juice and fresh mint and then topped off with sparkling water.
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Peach conserve with rum--yum! I didn't can it, so I reduced the sugar to 2 cups.

Also, we loved this Coconut Oatmeal Rum Pie--sounds like a weird combination, but it was delicious. And it's always handy to have a dessert recipe that uses what you tend to have around all the time, anyway.

I haven't tried these (yet), but every other recipe I've tried from that site has been great.
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Rummy bears! I've been dying to make these--even bought the bears--but then the SO got diagnosed with diabetes. :( Have a few for me!
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Seconding eBay dealers and vanilla extract. Slit a couple dozen beans down their length, shove 'em in one of those bottles, and you're good on all your baking needs for the forseeable future.
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Rum Smoothies:
Take a can of frozen tropical juice concentrate (I've been using the various "Hawaii's Own" varieties.) Dump in blender. Add 1/2 to 1 can of rum, depending on how strong you want it, pour in. Blend, adding ice until it's nice and thick.

Hot Apple Pie:
1 gallon apple cider, preferably in a glass jug
palmful of nutmeg
4-5 cinnamon sticks
palmful of cloves
750mL rum, either plain or spiced (not citrus)

Heat cider and spices in a large stock pot, but do not exceed 160F. Simmer uncovered until volume is reduced by about a quart (usually 1~1.5 hours). Allow to cool. Remove spices but to not filter or strain. Pour 750mL of rum back into cider jug, fill up with spiced cider. Keeps forever in the fridge. Before serving, make sure the lid is tight and shake well to mix up all the spice sediment, that's the good stuff. I keep a ceramic "hooch jug" of Hot Apple Pie on the wood stove so a swig is always available, or pour a little into a mug and microwave. Awesome on fall/winter nights. It's our camping tradition to keep a jug by the fire and pass it around.
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Combine cheap rum + vanilla beans to make homemade vanilla extract.
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Bajan Rum Punch! The basic recipe I use is "One of Sour, Two of Sweet, Three of Strong, Four of Weak": one measure lime juice, two measures simple syrup, three measures rum, four measures water. If you wanna get all fancy, you could add Angostura bitters and grate a little nutmeg on top, but even without those it's delicious.
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