Sick of nothing but pavement, cars and strip malls.
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Looking for a good, free place to go swimming or camping without tons of people within 25 miles of Lowell, MA. Feel free to message me privately if you don't want to let the whole wide world know about it. In a pinch we'd be willing to drive a bit further.
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Free is hard. I know some good spots in the $20/nigh range but nothing free.
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Response by poster: We were looking at state parks but they wanted $45 from people with out of state plates (our car is registered in Maine). Kind of a culture shock to us :)
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Yeah, in peak season I think that's about the going rate. So, Winter Island in Salem, MA has great oceanside sites for $32 for nonresident tent camping. But there are a lot of MA State Park campgrounds for less. Harold Parker State Forest is pretty close to you.
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