Stream laptop screen to TV?
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Wondering if I can stream the screen image from my laptop to my TV...

Gear I have:

Wireless-internet-connected Lenovo G570 laptop
Wired internet-connect Xbox 360
Wired-internet-connected Sony BDP-BX36 Blu-ray player
Belkin N300 wireless router
Sony KDL-32LL150 TV

Can I make this happen with what I have?
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Response by poster: Win7...
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Do you just want to use it as a monitor or are you doing something more complicated? If it's just using it as a monitor, find the output jacks your laptop has, find a matching one on the TV, and plug it in.
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I do this using Orb, and have had great success with it. Basically, it was install Orb on computer, create account, let it scan for media. Turn on television and Wii, use Wii browser (presumably Xbox has the same functionality) to navigate to the Orb homepage, click what I want to watch, begin streaming. Once the computer's been scanned for media, this process takes me approximately thirty seconds, and it works a treat.

I'm sure that there are other ways to do this, but this is super easy and works well--even my nine year old can do it. (Dunno if ease of use is an issue for you, but there you are.)
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...aaaand I just realized that you're trying to stream the *screen*, not media. Reading comprehension fail; please disregard me entirely.
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Response by poster: The current setup I have already works fine for streaming media, but I'm looking to wirelessly stream my screen image (browser session and/or other apps) to my TV.

Ghostride The Whip
, much prefer a wireless method, should have made that more clear.
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Recently on AskMe. Some interesting suggestions, but in the end, the asker went with a cable.
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Widi does this. You can buy USB widi adapters and you will need a matching component on the TV side.

Here is a USB adapter
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Sorry, did not see that you wanted to use existing hardware. Not sure of any software options, but most likely not based on what you have hooked up to your TV now.
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Have you already read Sony's connection guide?
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I have used this wireless HDMI setup at work. It works as advertised.
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