Oregon outdoors ideas needed for the weekend.
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I've been procrastinating about finalizing my travel plans and now find the weekend looming and nothing planned. I've got Friday afternoon to Tuesday evening to start in Eugene (mid-state) to get anywhere in a 200 mile radius to have some fun. I love to mountain bike, be outdoors and get in the water. All else is optional. Not into campgrounds or crowds. The 4th is obviously a big weekend to travel. There's a lot to do here. What are some favorite places to get away and see some beauty away from it all.

Yes, I know that leaves a lot of possible territory to cover. I'm just hoping for some ideas I can check out. I've got a camping van and gear, mountain bike, folding touring bike and a deep need to get outside in some sun, quiet, and countryside. Natural is good, off the beaten path is better, really beautiful would be fantastic.
I had thought originally to take a short bike tour but have not planned things out. My default would be to head to Oakridge and ride some single track. I'm hoping someone will mention a great destination I can research and then hopefully zip out there for the weekend. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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The North Umpqua Trail is pretty excellent, and not too far from Eugene. I dunno how busy it'll be this weekend, though; I don't really think of it as off the beaten path, but it's certainly natural and beautiful.
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