Google and Firefox not playing well together?
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Google and Firefox not playing well together?

The past two days I've been running into an issue where when I attempt to use google, my browser slows to a standstill while "connecting" or "waiting" and never actually loads the page, just attempting indefinitely. I'm running the latest Firefox edition, and this happens whether I go through the search bart or directly from the start page (which actually won't itself load for me.)

This doesn't seem to be affecting gmail or youtube or G+, but does mess with some other sites which make use of google analytics, such as Twitter.

Although I am generally useless as diagnostics for these sorts of issues, I decided to try using Safari and see what happened, and google ran just fine (though safari has it's own issues due to being safari and is generally unusable for me) leaving me to believe this is a specifically firefox-related issue. Does anyone know what this is?
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Have you tried clearing your cookies and/or browser cache in Firefox?
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Try disabling all browser extensions and see if that fixes it (
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Hey! That did it! Thanks! (clearing cookies and browser cache, I mean. Didn't need to try disabling extensions, so don't know whether that would have worked or not.)
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Actually, let me clarify. Clearing the cache/cookies helped for a second, but as soon as I was signed into gmail the problem started up again exactly as before. disabling my browser extensions then fixed the issue.
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Quite likely you have a corrupted profile and need to create a new one. Though it's much better than it used to be, this remains the #1 cause of mysterious misbehavior in Mozilla products.
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Help > troubleshooting > reset profile

This is a much better procedure than the linked article.
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Quite right. I have not had to use it since that feature was added, so I forgot it was there.
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