Business software that is underserved when it comes to ongoing training?
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What are some business software products that are (a) widely used in the enterprise, (b) have a somewhat steep/deep learning curve, and (c) aren't over-served with training materials?

My company is dipping its toes into the training market, and I've seen some companies do one-day events in which they go deep with a single piece of business software, sort of a one-day immersion training. I'm curious as to the potentials here.

Are there any widely used business software programs that lend themselves to ongoing training, and the people that use said software would definitely benefit from ongoing education? I'm thinking of things like Salesforce or Sugar or Launchpad, or even more specialized tools (there was some very very specific purchasing tool used by retailers to deal with supply chain and purchasing issues, and evidently it's just stupidly hard to use). So I'm wondering where the potential growth areas are, in terms of software programs that I might "become an expert" in.
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Everything Oracle makes.
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Microsoft Excel, beyond making a table of numbers and plotting a graph.
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How about a day on how to use Google Docs (for yourself, and as part of a team), or Campfire, or any of the innumerable web based tools. Way way easier to get the machines in the class room setup for that.

Excel, Word and Access have tons of resources, but no one ever seems to use them. How about OneNote though?
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SharePoint + Office integration + BI (Business Intelligence) + Power-user "Composite Solutions" - simple apps, which leverage SharePoint+Office+HTML5+JavaScript.

But... then again, I'm biased ;-) ...
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