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I occasionally like to stamp things (rubber stamps in ink on paper approximately the size of a dollar bill; I'll do a few dozen at a time). Does a device exist where I could feed lots of paper through and make a small ink stamp on each of them?

I'm not at the point of something messy or a small letter press, but I'm wondering if there are examples of obscure contraptions or homemade devices that I could look into. Thank you, good people.
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A while back I played with using an ink jet printer to mark my Where's George bills by making a envelope template in word and cutting windows in a stack of 10 or 20 envelopes in the areas I wanted printed. Then it was just a matter of putting the bills in the envelopes and feeding them though the printer in a stack.

Honestly it wasn't THAT much faster then say hand stamping but it was neater and I found the printer ink to be a bit more durable then the stamp pad stuff.
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A small letter press wouldn't get you automation anyhow -- you'd be printing a page at a time there too.

The obscure contraption that comes to mind for me is a postage meter. I don't know if one can find used, de-postal-ized postage meters though.
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Print Gocco is close, as is Yudu.

You will need to replicate the stamp onto the screens, but otherwise the end result is almost the same.
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You could build something like a hand-cranked Mimeograph, with parts scavenged from copiers or printers. There would be a fair bit of engineering and math involved to get the timings all right.

A simpler method (rather than trying to feed individual sheets) would be to lay out the sheets and construct something like a Rollagraph.

With some practice, you could just get really crazy fast with your single-sheet stamping, too!
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