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Extremely well printed, state of the industry, paper "poster" - Calendar Recommendations
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Extremely well printed, state of the industry, paper "poster" - Calendar Recommendations

In 2007 a friend who works in the printing industry gave me a TOYO INK 100th anniversary calendar. It was the most amazing show of printing techniques, paper, and ink I have ever seen. Including many novel examples such as textured inks, glow in the dark, embossing, foil printing, invisible inks, and fragrances. Each month featured some Japanese landscape or cultural item in a large poster format. It won awards in the printing Industry. The actual dates are very understated, but I could find Sunday when I needed to. unfortunately it seems to have been a one time thing they did for their anniversary so...

I am looking for recommendations for a 2008 calendar in a similar vein. The best designed, most beautiful, impressive, and clever calendars please!
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Decor8's 2008 Calendar Round Up would probably be a good start.
posted by logic vs love at 8:51 PM on January 4, 2008

I get the Pentagram typeface calendars every year but then I'm a typography nut.

If you like vintage prints, Cavallini makes beautiful calendars with different sets of vintage prints on heavy ivory-colored stock. You can usually find these in fine bookstores and design/architecture stores.
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