Day travel ideas in New England?
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New England Adventure Filter: Looking for suggestions for a short adventure with a lucky friend who’s (hopefully) real good fer adventurin’ with. A night’s drive radius from southeastern Vermont, tiny budget, dog and skateboard friendly. Ideas?

In the near future, I’d like to have an adventure. The best sort of adventure that involves caffeine fueled drives through the night and naughty things on the foldout back seat. I’ll be traveling with myself, my dog, and a hilarious co-pilot I’d like to adventure with more. I’m looking for cool stuff to do for a day that’s about a good night’s drive away from southeastern Vermont. The plan is to drive for a night, adventure, sleep, and head for home in the very wee hours.
Something like that giant hole in Garden State with a good diner and a dive bar nearby. Or an awesome graffiti mural in a town worth bopping around in. Or church ruins near hiking trails. A regionally impressive flea market. The world’s best skate-and-dog park with a booze cart nearby. Just a really rad town worth checking out for a day. Rain won’t stop us.

I can’t go anywhere without my dog. He can’t go anywhere without his skateboard. I’d love to see the ocean but get bored in most quaint seaside towns, and disturbed by places like the Jersey Shore. We’re young, don’t clean up very well (but love to get snazzy), and aren’t foodies.
Music tastes are fickle, so music-related suggestions probably won’t hit the spot.
Looking to avoid suggestions like “Glue Factory Tour!” “The Worlds Largest Ball of Twine!” because despite of the albeit newness and wonderful weirdness of that sort of thing, I’m always cranky and my feet always hurt after a day doing that sort of slow organized activity.
Historical sites, although awesome and I love them, aren't the gentlemans's cup of tea, and we're looking for something a little more energetic.
Although open to city-based suggestions, there will be a large dog in tow, which cramps our style.

Our budget is pretty much gas money. $20 entrance fee to Acadia Nat’l Park is the steepish end of what we want to spend on a given activity. Unless you reeally convince us.
We’ll probably be adventuring on a weekday.
I’d be willing to leave the dog at home for a really good suggestion as well, but I’d MUCH rather adventure with him. He is very well behaved, and can sit tied to a lamp post for a snack in the café, but I’m not about to lock him the car for a gallivant in a museum (for obvious reasons).

After reading this we're now considering the Museum of Bad Art.

Currently leading in the poles: Watching first sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mt in Maine. Anything I GOTTA SEE on the way there and back via I-95 and 202?
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The Museum of Bad Art is small but amusing. I saw the Dedham collection a few years ago and occasionally wander through the one in the Somerville Theatre when I'm in the basement there. Downtown Portsmouth, NH, is pretty cool. When you're there, the Friendly Toast has great food and more bad art than the MoBA. (There is also a Friendly Toast in Kendall Square, Cambridge, but the original is more of an awesome diner environment, complete with (last I was there) a couple of tables that appear to have come out of a 1950's era bowling alley.)

It's not good skateboarding, but I know a lot of dogs who love hiking to the top of Mt Lafeyette in the White Mountains.
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Best answer: My dad and I used to hit up Ruggles Mine in NH when I was a kid. It's in the White Mountains, about 2 1/2 hrs from S.E. Vermont (incidentally where I grew up! I was born in Brattleboro.). It's $25/piece, which is at the higher end of your budget, but it's also a pretty good time as far as wandering around in a weird place is concerned.

Purgatory Chasm is also a great place for an easy hike - though I don't know how a large dog will feel about squeezing through rocks.

Providence, RI is a pretty dog friendly city. Lots of stuff to do while walking around. Great food trucks and whatnot. Waterfire is an outdoor event on Saturday nights that features lots of cheap food and people watching. And y'know, a river lit on fire.
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Best answer: Essential intelligence: New Hampshire Ice Cream Map.
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