Where to find 'scales of justice'
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Where can I buy balance scales similar to the "scales of justice" in Australia (preferably online)?

I've been searching online for hours for scales similar to this one and I can't seem to find them anywhere. I might be using the wrong term for what I'm searching for since it's technically called a 'balance' not scales but that doesn't result in anything either. Can anyone help?
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Try "brass balance scale" in your searches?
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Response by poster: Similar results for brass balance scale unfortunately - the only results are for eBay and since this is for a corporate event we can't purchase anything from online auction sites.
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I found several items like this one on Amazon. Couldn't find anything like that on an Australian site though. (I was searching 'kitchen balance scales').
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Response by poster: Thanks, it is definitely something that is nearly impossible to find in Australia unless it's at an antiques auction. I should clarify as well that it doesn't have to be made of brass - it just needs to be the same type of scales/balance.
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Does it need to be a hand balance, or will a stand balance do? How classy does it need to be? Plastic? Wooden?
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Some eBay sellers (in particular items with a Buy-It-Now price) will sell to you outside of eBay, including a proper invoice, if you contact them directly and explain the situation.
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I was able to find some searching with variants of "apothecary scales" and "pan balances". Red Sky Trader has wee ones, and they ship expensively and slowly to Australia.
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Small brass sets were often found in head shops near railway arcades in suburban Australia in the 1980s. If you are in Sydney or Melbourne, I am sure there is one of those shops still extant in each city (a Melb one was downstairs on Swanston near Flinders St.)

Red Sky have just the ones I mean for under $30 including shipping.
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Try this - scroll through, there are a few like the ones you mean.
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