Best PDF annotation app for Android
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Best PDF reader and annotating application for Android?

I have a tablet that runs the newest version of Android (ice cream whatever it is I think). Anyway, I am looking for a program that will allow me to read and make notes on PDF files. I am looking for something like GoodReader or iAnnotate (from the iPad world). Any suggestions?
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Dr. Tully Monster has been checking out various options for just this sort of application (reading and reviewing article manuscripts). He's still making up his mind between EasyPDF, Repligo, and Adobe, but they're all still serious contenders. He's running ICS on an ASUS Transformer Prime tablet.
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I think ez-pdf is best by far.
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EZ-PDF is my go-to, but there is an official Adobe offering too that's not horrible (but I think annotation is limited)
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I'm happy with ezPdf too.
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