Rhode Island party spots
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Providence Rhode Island one day party

My friend and I are meeting there because it's most convenient for both of us. We are two single guys in our late twenties. We like to see eye candy on the beach and eye candy in the clubs.
We get there Saturday noonish and stay overnight. My plan is to go to the hotel, check in, hit a beach, have dinner and have a town car pick us up from the hotel and take us to bars.
Any recommendations for any of the points mentioned above?
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22-yo Providence resident here! I can't speak to the club aspect of it, not really my scene, but here are a few of my other favorite spots:

Harry's Bar and Burger would be a great spot for either lunch or dinner. Some of the best burgers I have ever had, lots and lots of good beer (including a frequently-changing list of stuff on tap), good service. Might be a bit crowded starting around 8pm on Saturday.
If you have a more specific restaurant idea in mind (not sure what your budget or tastes are like) I can help out more there.

The Wickenden Pub has been around since 1890. It's a little divey, not sure if that's your scene if you're looking to be clubbing, but it's a great place to drink during the late afternoon. Pretty cheap, and a huuuge selection of beers... they have over 100 total, including I would guess 12-15 on tap at any time. Open from about 3pm (sometimes a bit earlier) til 12am.

As for the beach, I would go to Narragansett Beach over Newport. It's closer and from what I understand is a little more in our age range than Newport, which tends to be more along the lines of families & rich older folks. Here's a thread comparing the two.
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Are you talking about actually in Providence proper? There aren't really beaches in Providence... the closest ones are probably a 30-45 minute drive or so -- are you going to have car access?
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This sounds like more of a Newport thing. Stay close to Thames street so no car needed for the nightlife (all in walking distance) and cab it to the beach (or thumb).

Its about 30 minutes from Providence. And well, as far as nightlife goes it is pretty amazing for well, what it sounds like you're looking for. Thousands of 20 somethings pay thru the nose to pile 20 people into a house to hang out there for the summer.

Everyone is out walking from bar to bar, waiting in lines, then meeting up again for after hours or pizza at Via Via.

I have spent way too many nights out partying, but the craziest was the time I lived in Newport.
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Yeah I would recommend that you don't pick Providence for this. While it may be equidistant it is sorely lacking in your other requirements. Better to have one person's travel be a bit longer than the other's so that you actually get some beach time and it's worth it for you both. Newport really isn't that far from here.
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The nearest beaches to PVD are at least half-hour away. I'm guessing by your request for "eye candy," you're looking for beaches with a large population of young people rather than beaches which are themselves enjoyable for y'know, being a beach. With that in mind, Scarborough is probably your best bet as it's super close to URI and gets a lot of "college student who stayed in the area for the summer" traffic. Though seriously - all of the beaches are at least half-hour out of town and you'll need to rent a car (there's an Avis right downtown in the Biltmore parking lot) to get there.

I agree that this is really more of a Newport thing, but if you're dead set on PVD - my recommendation would be to go to Atwells Ave. for dinner/people watching. Meditteraneo is a pretty good place where actual Italian friends of mine go for birthday dinners and such, if you're looking for a good Italian place - which is what Atwells is primarily about.

For people watching, Thayer St. on the East Side is a good place to wander around.

As for clubs... I have no idea. Can't help you there. There are a bunch downtown, but being that I never go to clubs I really don't know which ones are any good.

(Seriously though, hit up Newport if you want to do beaches AND dinner in the same evening.)
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