How to flip orientation of a MPEG4 video?
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Looking for a simple, free or open source solution to flip mobile phone videos from landscape to portrait (and vice versa), preferable under Windows 7 (64 bits).

Like a dumb dumb I've made several videos where the orientation is landscape when it should've been portrait or the other way around, but unlike with pictures I've not found a simple way to correct this. Is there any video software that's free/open source that can do this. These are MPEG 4 (3gp) files.
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Here's another that essentially does the above in a simple Windows program. It rotates the video, keeps the sound, and saves to the original format in the same directory, using the original filename and adding NEW or something, and gives no other options. Super simple.

But that version doesn't work for everyone. The converted files it makes may not play for everyone. I'm sure they'll fix it up soon but not at this moment.

Be careful installing it, it tries to install a browser toolbar - you can uncheck or choose "Decline" each time during installation. It's clean otherwise, if you get through that.

If that current version makes files you can't play, you could try an older version tested and passed at Tucows, and it should work for you. It's even a bit simpler and saves only to AVI files. Just install it right over the new version, again being careful to uncheck or decline those toolbars.
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If you're sharing them, you can do it after upload to YouTube.
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