Where to chamge oil
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Where can I change my oil and kill time between DC, and columbus OH.

Driving from glen burnie MD, to columbus O.H, tomorrow and need to get an oil change would prefer a sears auto but really need someplace close to a mall or something so I can kill time while waiting. Please save me grim waiting in a had station.
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Monroeville Mall is on 376 and about 3/4 of the way through your journey if you end up going north through PA and then over into Ohio. I'm pretty sure its on the junction of each of the major highways that cut northward and westward in that part of the state to boot.
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Really? Jiffy Lube anywhere's-ville should be fine. In and out in 20 minutes, especially on a week day.

This should not be a half-day deal!
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Most dealerships do quick service too. It costs a little more, but if I needed a oil change in a strange town I'd probably trust a dealer before some random franchise. While the dealer obviously isn't putting its most experienced tech on change duty, I think the odds of something bad happening are less at the dealer. I let the local Midas do an oil change once and then I got to clean 5 quarts of oil off my driveway.

But then, if I needed an oil change tomorrow and was driving 400 miles tomorrow, I'd do the oil change before I leave.
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Can't help with where to get it done (I'm with COD on this: all checkup-maintenance/oil changes/etc. taken care of before hitting the road), but since you prefer Sears Auto: have you checked the Sears website --- not that I know what it's address is, but I'd say it's a pretty sure bet that they do have a website!

(I've had bad luck with Jiffy Lube; I'm certainly willing to concede it cound've just been the local idiots being idiots, but in consequence I really can't recommend them.)
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Are you taking 70? I remember a mall right off of the highway near the WV state line (dunno if it was on the Ohio or PA side, but I do remember it was near the top of a biggish hill). Sure to be a place to stop near there.
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Was able to get it done, before hitting the road. Thanks to everyone who had answers to the question.
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