How to keep google from associating my work account with stupid youtube videos?
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I use multiple google accounts, and their multiple sign-in feature is generally very helpful to me. I have a work google domain account, managed by my company, and a personal google account. Lately, when I have gone to youtube or google voice, it often associates to my work account, which I do not want. I'd prefer that my work account is only associated with gmail. Is this possible?
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Best answer: Log out, then log in with your personal account first. After that, all Google products should default to your personal account.
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I prefer using multiple Chrome profiles - it's much more airtight and flexible than multiple sign in. It's slightly less convenient, but I prefer it.
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I've switched to using chrome and firefox as my work vs play browsers (as an added benefit, separate browsers helps me manage my "I'll just click over here for a leeeetle break" procrastination tendencies).

However, for a while I was using firefox exclusively with multifox, an add-on which allows you to have multiple firefox profiles in multiple tabs in a single firefox window, with pretty easy switching between profiles. With it, you can log in to multiple google accounts at the same time across several open tabs without having the accounts linked to one another.
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The first account you sign into will be the account that new Google services will default to on that browser.
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