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Where can I have produced my own brand of custom-wrapped individual rolls of toilet paper?

Traveling, I have noticed that there wonderful local brands of toilet paper. (This Jamaican name-brand won my heart.) I want to produce one for my hometown: a Key West-branded toilet paper to be sold in individual rolls.

In addition to being sold as a novelty and gift item ("Key West-brand* toilet paper! Ha! Ha!"), toilet paper is (obviously) a practical item.

What I want is to know who or where I can have individual rolls of toilet paper wrapped with a custom-wrapper.

Preferably, the toilet paper itself would be eco-friendly and the wrapper would be paper. What I really want, however, is a direction to go in.

Finding the toilet paper was simple enough. Finding the manufacturer to wrap individual rolls has not been as simple.

Any toilet paper manufacturing gurus out there?

*It would not be named Key West-brand but something along those lines.
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I would contact Jed who has done this profitably. I have some of his toilet paper in my house.
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Response by poster: Jessamyn, you are so the best!
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Bespoke toilet paper? Yeah, that is definitely a new point marking the frontier of the Internet for me. Yay, Internet!
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I came in to mention ShitBegone and here it is already offered up as an answer, which makes me happy that other people remember it. I was all set to be a ShitBegone lifetime customer - eco-friendly, labor-friendly, and funny.; it's definitely one of those wacky niche Internet discoveries that gave me unreasonable joy, and I miss it.
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