Weetzie Bat Fans--Theme Party Ideas?
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Weetzie Bat Fans--Theme Party Ideas? A friend and I are throwing a Weetzie Bat-themed potluck garden party, and are looking for your best decoration and playlist ideas.

The party will be held in a small backyard garden--so far, we're thinking of stringing up some christmas lights, making some crazy colorful paper flowers, and having people write down wishes on slips of paper and hanging them on a "wish tree" (one of the bushes in the backyard.) What other things can we do on the super-cheap? We're trying to keep a budget of $20 at the 99 cent store, but already have a ton of glitter and acrylic paint we can work with.

We're also looking for music suggestions--we've started a spotify playlist of some LA punk, surf rock, and rockabilly, but are looking for other musical genres that you feel might fit, as well as specific artists/songs. We're a little low on dance-y music that fits the theme, so bonus points for that.

Thank you!
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I haven't read it in a long time, but for music, I think the Valley Girl soundtrack might work.
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I hope everyone knows it's Magic LA Dress-Up party? So all the slinkster boys know what to wear?

Agent Ribbons, to me, is a Weetzie Batt band. Chelsea, Let's Go Join the Circus, for example.

Fleet Foxes always seems in the oeuvre, to me. Also, Beth Ditto, Belle and Sebastian, Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Neutral Milk Hotel, Amy Winehouse.

Tulle is really cheap and good for making little tent grottos in the corners of yards. Are a few dogs coming? Is someone handy with videography who can make little movies as the party goes on?

I love this. I may have to steal your idea to have someday after I finally throw a Goonies party.
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Talk about a slinkster-cool party! In terms of music, Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys mentions salsa, soul, hip hop, and reggae, so maybe that helps? The books also mention David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, X, and Fear, just off the top of my head. If you can get a copy of Necklace of Kisses, Weetzie reminisces about some of the shows she's been to (memail me if you need details.)

I love your decorating ideas. Candles might be a nice touch.
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Don't forget reggae for Valentine!
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Aw, I love it! I think you should definitely encourage people to dress up, and raid your closets for accessories that people can add to their costumes -- get out all the feather boas and tiaras and spike bracelets you can find. And maybe make some feather headdresses and mohawks out of construction paper? And have a DIY photo booth set up!

For decor, tons and tons of fairy lights and tissue paper flowers covered in glitter should do it. And for food, sushi rolls (you can DIY veggie sushi rolls for pretty cheap) and hot dogs and cheap "champagne" (vino verde or prosecco should work fine)!
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I love this idea! I think you at going to want to find pink flamingos, pink Cadillac and palm tree decorations. I also haven't read the books in a long time. Your party sounds like the coolest ever.
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You can find tons of great ideas for big colorful paper flowers and other glittery fun decor at Aunt Peaches.
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This is so adorable! I love those books and I very much approve. I think you're on the right track already, with the fairy lights, glitter, and wish tree...

Mason jars with a tea light in them make great lanterns--just cover the top with foil with holes poked in it. Or use battery-powered tea lights for extra safety. Regular tea lights also float pretty well in their little tins--a bowl full of water, with floating tea lights, is both lovely and cheap.

Some of the more upbeat Tori Amos songs might be good--Tori is friends with Francesca Lia Block, and has some of that fairy vibe. The Detroit Cobras are a really fun band that does a lot of 50s/60s covers. I think the Shangri-Las would also be pretty perfect, as would CocoRosie...

Thanks for that link, Squeak Attack! I'd never heard of that blog, and I love it.
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Guava cream cheese pastries. Yum.
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I was going to say blow-up palm trees, but you could do some simple palm trees on recycled cardboard with your acrylics and glitter! Also candy necklaces and candy rings. Hawaiian leis (sp?) for wearing and/or decoration, too. Hooray!
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Play lots of X! And omg, make those amazing sandwiches that Dirk's grandma made in Dangerous Angels. Those descriptions always made me drool.
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