Activating a reset iPhone in the UK without a SIm...?
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UK specific iPhone/SIM question: I need to activate my old iPhone 3GS 16gB, preferably without my own SIM. I am giving it to my nephew as a games device, not to use as a phone. I have reset and now it insists on a SIM. 1. are there workarounds so I don't have to buy a SIM, activate it then throw SIM away? 2 This was my O2 UK phone [on a company contract], so if you know anything about the iPhone elsewhere, it probably won't apply. 3. If the answer to the above is 'jailbreak it', can I use iTunes after? 4. if the answer is 'use your old SIM just for activation', will this link it to iTunes in some way? Bear in mind, I still use my SIM in my newer phone [actually purchased more recently, but an 8gB 3GS in reality. Yes, I know...] Cheers John
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Just use your old SIM - it won't have anything to do with how the phone operates or interacts with iTunes etc. It just needs to be 'activated' once, and then you can put your SIM back in your current phone.
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1. Never buy a SIM. Phone companies give them away for free. I have a drawerful of the damn things.

2. I have used a UK iPhone 3GS on O2 that was activated on a family member's SIM. It worked fine.

3. You can use iTunes after jailbreaking, but it might affect more general phone upgrades.

4. The first time you try to get an app it will prompt for your password, but you can then connect it to a new iTunes account and it will never mention the original account holder again.

Does your nephew have his own iTunes account? He'll need one to download games, even the free ones, and since yours will be linked to your credit card...
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thanks guys - I will use my old sim then. I have set him up with a new iTunes account, but when his dad gets back we'll change the credit card details.

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