Prepaid (micro-)SIM cards (with data) for Iceland
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I'm going to Iceland for a few days soon, and am looking for a prepaid local SIM card to put in my iPhone 4S. It has to be a micro-SIM (though they can be cut down to that size) and to have a data allowance (I'll only be there for a few days so it doesn't need to be huge; I intend to use it for basic things like ). (It staying alive after I go back to the UK would be a nice feature, as I'll be back in Iceland again.) Is there a local mobile phone company who have a recommended prepaid SIM-only package, and if so, where in Reykjavík could I pick one up?
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You'll want to look here. You'll find a list of pre-paid options, as well as Síminn store locations.
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I had very good luck with my Vodafone Iceland microsim in my iPad on last year's ring road trip (and I was shocked on how I generally had excellent 3G coverage even when in very remote parts of the country). It was around 2500 ISK for 5 GB/30 days, IIRC.

I got mine from the Vodafone store in the Kringlan Mall since it was near my hotel. Unfortunately, there's not a Vodafone location downtown, but most of the malls (Kringland and Smáralind Mall) are pretty easy to get to by bus.

As @wrok mentions, Síminn is good as well, and has more stores (including stores at Kringland and Smáralind Mall), and may be convenient for you as well.
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Update: apparently the 10-11 store at KEF has the Vodafone pre-paid SIMs, according to a fellow traveler.
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