Patter in 90s Alt-rock
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Looking for more examples of 90s alt-rock songs making heavy use of patter / spoken sections.

I recently notice that a couple of popular alt-rock songs from the 90s, including some radio hits, feature substantial spoken or patter sections. The ones that I can list off the top of my head:

Nada Surf - Popular
Beck - Loser
Butthole Surfers - Pepper
Pavement - Conduit for Sale
Barenaked Ladies - One Week

Are there any other examples of this style? Why does it seem to have become less common since the 90s?
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Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion
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Sleater-Kinney - Get Up (1999)
Garbage - Shut Your Mouth (2002)
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Weezer — Undone (The Sweater Song)

Dink — Green Mind

There was a recent thread about this kind of thing. It wasn't specific to the '90s, but some of the answers are '90s songs.

Why does it seem to have become less common since the 90s?

Because it was so common in the '90s. Anytime there's a trend in music, later generations always react against it.
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Liz Phair - Flower (1993, NSFW)
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"All I know, is that there were rumors he was into field hockey players..."

Pixies, "I'm Amazed"

"Don stepped outside..."

Slint, "Don, A Man"

"... I'm sorry. And I miss you."

Slint, "Good Morning, Captain"

(And though it predates the 90s, certainly one of the most influential spoken/sung songs HAS to be "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies. And we can go back further: "The Gift" by Velvet Underground, a ton of songs by Patti Smith, same for Laurie Anderson, and "Take 5, D.", a Minutemen song wherein Mike Watt reads a roommate's passive-aggressive note about not keeping the bathtub properly caulked.)
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How about The Distance by Cake?
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Ha, we just had a whole round of these at trivia. I think most of the ones there have been covered. Let me see if I can remember what they were...

Pepper - Butthole Surfers
Cake - The Distance
Weezer - Undone
Primus - some song I wasn't familiar with
That damned "Wear Sunscreen" song, you don't actually want that one.
Nada Surf - Popular
King Missle - Detachable Penis
and....shoot. The one we got wrong. Early rap.

Anyway, I think anything Cake is in the direction you might like - especially check out the albums Comfortable Eagle and Fashion Nugget.

Also: Parklife by Blur, Susan's House by the Eels, Da Da Da by Elastica (though it's half in German).
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"Candy" by Iggy Pop?
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I can't believe no one has mentioned Green Jello/Jelly, "The Three Little Pigs."
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Hey pretty.
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Heads up, there are two versions of Hey Pretty (by Poe) out there - some have the monologue (from her brother's book, House of Leaves), some don't.
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Tubthumping by Chumbawamba (1997)
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King Missile - Detachable Penis
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Aw, listed already.
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"Oh, Gladys, girl, I love you but oh! GET A LIFE!"
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King Missile - "I Wish"
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"Rush," by B.A.D. II, just in there at 1991.

"Hmm, I wish I could sing like that."
"Not everything's singing, you know. The only important thing these days is rhythm and melody. Rhythm and melody."

Apparently sampled from an old Peter Sellers record.
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Almost everything by Ween.
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And a ton of Velvet Underground songs: The Gift, Heroin, I'm Waiting for the Man, Rock & Roll, Sister Ray...
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REM- Belong
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Shawn Mullins - Lullaby is all talk during the verse.
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Third Eye Blind- I think they do this in multiple songs, but Semicharmed Kind of Life comes to mind as a definite example.
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Meryn Cadell's "The Sweater"
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Soul Coughing does this.
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Yeah, Soul Coughing every song every album pretty much.
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Hal Lovejoy Circus - Hotpants. Fun and funny.
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Sugarcubes, Hit about two minutes in.
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King Missile, Gay/Not Gay.
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The Sugarcubes again, Walkabout, this time at the end of the song.

Thank you for asking this question. As soon as you asked it I thought of these two songs, but couldn't remember them and have been racking my brain for hours to remember them well enough to even search for them. But, as soon as I found the first one, I knew I'd find the other. Frustrating, but worth it. Thank you.
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Steal My Sunshine - Len
Citysong - Luscious Jackson

Primus did this in a lot of their songs.
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Tool - Bottom
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