How can I swap the trigger and shoulder button functions on my controller?
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I have an Xbox 360 controller pad, and Windows 7. I would like to swap the functions of the shoulder and trigger buttons.

For most games I find it a lot more comfortable to use the shoulder buttons for the functions the trigger buttons usually perform. I don't want to open the thing up and adjust it in hardware because some games -- racing games, for example -- use the analogue triggers as actual analogue triggers.

Experimenting with the Pinnacle Game Profiler trial got me half-way there but I couldn't stop it from firing off both actions, a trigger and a shoulder press, when using either button. AutoHotKey is a big blank intimidating canvas.

I should mention it's not actually a 360 pad; it's a Logitech F710. But the provided remapping software only works with the controller in DirectInput mode, which it seems most modern games don't support.
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Best answer: I do something similar to this with GlovePie. I don't know AutoHotKey, but GlovePie looked pretty intimidating to me, until I tried it out. The GUI tab basically does all the work for you.

I'd normally link to the original site ( but it looks like that has been hacked.
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Best answer: I use Xbox360CE (with a different controller) - you can calibrate it to pretty much do anything - but you have to launch it from the same folder as your game/app .exe
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Response by poster: XBox360CE seems to be working well so far. GlovePie looked powerful but I think it does more than I need.

Thanks to both of you :)
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