My golf clubs want to be swung!
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Recently diagnosed with Costochondritis. How long does it take to heal? What can I do in the mean time? My golf clubs are lonely!

I recently started going to the golf range and self-teaching myself with some Ben Hogan. For a week or two (every weekend) I used his swing mechanics. Lots of torso-hip torque and all. It looks simple, but in reality it was quite an adjustment.

Sadly I probably went too full bore too quickly and have had this costochondritis on my left chest side for a bit now. Sleeping on my left side, various left shoulder/chest movements, hardy laughing, sneezes, coughs are all terrible. Laughing and sneezes are the worst!
I was told to take anti-inflammatory which I started the other day. My doctor also mentioned it may take... 4-8 weeks to heal. Is that realistic?

I know doing the golf... anything intensive on the torso and shoulders is out (weights, etc.). Currently the only activity I still do is a 30 min run on my exercise bike, which isn't discomforting. Sure, I'll still take a club in hand and do some practice in posture and grip... but... I really was looking forward to whacking some balls...

So what are mefiers experience with the healing time? And what can I do to as an activity in the mean time?
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My fiancee dealt with Costochondritis a year or so ago, and unfortunately the 4-8 weeks sounds about right. She was starting to feel much better after about 4, and probably only fully "cured" after 8-10 weeks. She kept her activity to a minimum, but there was really no helping the fact that all sorts of things caused the pain.

Just one point of anecdata, but unfortunately it agrees with your doc.
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It took me a couple of months too.
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Mine comes and goes - it flares up for ~6-8 weeks and quiets down again but it's recurred multiple times for years and I've never managed to figure out how to prevent it from doing so. At this point I just assume I'm going to be living with it on and off forever. I hope you're luckier!
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Unfortunately, my experience has been the same as leslies.
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Yes, I have had it, leave it as long as it doesn't hurt THEN ANOTHER WEEK otherwise it will blooming well come back again. And take the anti-inflammatories, they will really work.

I exercise a lot and it drove me nuts, but I still managed

Cross trainer NOT moving arms or gripping the hand grips, just resting on them
Stepper NOT holding the hand grips if I could help it at all

Exercise bike.

I feel your pain. But if you don't let it heal, it will go on for ever, believe me.

Good luck!
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Concurring with everyone. It's a really irritating condition. I was completely out of commission for a month, in moderate pain for another month, and didn't start lifting weights again until about 3 months after. Two years later I can still feel it occasionally if I lift too much without warming up.
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Misread question. Thought you were buying too many bulk goods.
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I've been having troubles with this for nearly 8 months now. Still trying to find a good PT to work with to figure it out permanently. I go through a lot of naproxen and try to avoid driving too much, and I avoid any arm exercise that isn't entirely supported outside of my chest- basically just curls and forearm exercises. Not sure what to tell you, except to play it on the safe side or else that 4-8 weeks is going to get longer and longer. Also, you wouldn't think it, but certain sex positions are a no-go if you have to support your weight with your chest too much.
For golf, you really want to take this time to focus on your core and legs/base, because anything with your arms is going to make this worse.
Sorry man, this shit sucks, I know. Good luck
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Response by poster: I wanted to update on my condition. The weekend before July 4th, July 4th, this last weekend and Tuesday evening I went out to the range and was for the most part "comfortable". This would be my 8th week since first symptoms.

It seems for the most part the 24-48 hours afterwards is the worst, but basically after that I feel much better then before. I'm guessing an icing routine after taking my hacks is a good idea to ease any further pain. I've also modified my backswing to take a lot of the pressure off my torso.

I guess I should be glad that I'm still young enough to recover decently... Thanks for all your experiences.
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