Can you ID this book?
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Help me identify a book I read in the mid-90's! All I remember about it is that it was a crime novel, about a guy on death row, and the big surprise at the end of the book is that he and his lawyer (an ostensibly straight married man) wind up having some kind of sexual encounter before the client is executed. At least I think that is what happened - I could be making up some of the details. But hopefully this is enough to go on - thanks, book sleuths!
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It sounds a little bit like Jim Nisbet's Lethal Injection, although it's not a perfect fit with what you have remembered.
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Could it have been a straight student with a girlfriend instead of a married lawyer? Jason Moss's book The Last Victim came out in 1999. The movie Dear Mr. Gacy was based on him.
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Response by poster: Drat, both of those are close in some respects, but I don't think either are a match. The more I think about it, I feel like the primary thrust of the story was of the lawyer trying to get his client pardoned, and the build up of their relationship. I will have to keep trying to remember!
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