Looking For 5K Fundraiser Manager
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I manage a small non-profit in New Jersey, and are looking for someone to manage a 5K race for us next year. I am looking for: 1) about how much this would cost us; and 2) for any suggestions of businesses that do this kind of work in the area. Thanks!
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Take a look at Compuscore's site, they do the timing for every 5K/10K race I've ever seen in NJ. If you click one of the months (i.e. May 2012) in the navigation bar you can get a really comprehensive list of past races which should get you some leads pretty quickly.
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Response by poster: Compuscore is great, but we're looking for an event manager to run the show from soup to nuts. We will, obviously, be involved in recruitment of participants, publicity, race volunteers, etc. but need someone with experience holding races to help.
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Sorry if my recommendation wasn't clear. I meant that you should look at their list of races, which would lead you to loads of events similar to yours so you could contact those other nonprofits directly for leads and advice.
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No idea of the cost, but check out NYCRUNS. They offer race management services in the NYC area— I am not sure where in New Jersey you are but they may be willing to travel to your area depending where you are. If not I am sure they can at least give you an idea of the cost and possibly refer someone.

Full disclosure: Steve@ NYCRUNS is on my running team and I know him personally.
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I recently did the Boston Run For Your Lives, ironically, based on a long-ago askMe comment that I can't put my finger on right now. The organization that ran it definitely seemed very event-centric and could possibly help you out.
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