Identify a computer game in a white environment revealed by shooting a paintball gun
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What first-person perspective puzzle game was set in a completely white environment that you revealed by shooting blobs of paint?

More than a year ago, I saw a demo video for an FPS-style puzzle game. The player is dropped into an environment in which the floor and various obstacles (steps, blocks, platforms, holes, bridges, etc) are pure white and uniformly lit. The white-on-white effect makes them effectively invisible. The player has a paintball gun, which fires splashes of black paint. By splashing the scene with paint you reveal the distances and angles of the surfaces that are hit, and so get an idea of the obstacles ahead of you. The goal of the game is to get through each level with the minimum possible number of shots from your paintball gun.

I thought this was a great idea for a puzzle/platform game, but it wasn't available at the time of the video being released; I think that the engine was ready but the level design still had a while to go.

Does anyone recognise the game from this description? What was it called, and was it ever released? Alternatively, do you know of other games with a similar mechanic?
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The Unfinished Swan. Looks like it is still in development.

Tag has a similar mechanic that was later incorporated into Portal 2.
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OH! I know this!

Well, anyway, are you thinking of The Unfinished Swan? It looks like it's moved developers, and they're still working on it. Set to be released in 2012 on the PS3 only.
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There is a simple flash platformer with the same idea. I think I saw it on the blue, but it was a while ago.
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With Hydro on this. Swore I saw one on the blue with a similar but different concept. It was like a up and side scroller game. You had to shoot the walls to see them and jump and avoid hazards and enemies. It was a time based game, faster times got better points.

Sounds like the unfinished swan is dead on though from the preview.
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Yep, "The Unfinished Swan" was it, thanks! Good to know that it's still being developed, albeit just for the PS3. Still, the list of games that have made me say "I'd love to play, but can't justify getting a PS3 just for that" might finally be long enough to tip me over the edge by 2013.

Now you mention that platformer, I have a vague memory of seeing it on the Blue too. I might have a dig around for it later, unless someone kind mefite happens to have the link handy?
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Hm. As to the platformer, I kind of remember it too, and while I'm not sure it was this, it was similar.
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