Super light, super small mosquito tent, available in Australia?
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What is the smallest, lightest mosquito tent available in Australia (or to be shipped to Australia within three weeks for a non-ridiculous price)?

I really want to buy the Long Road's Skeeter Defeater. Size and weight are the most important considerations, and this weighs less than half a kilo, and folds up to 8cm by 43cm. I can't find anything comparable in Australia, but I don't really want to pay the $38 shipping the site estimates for me, on an item that only costs $49. I will if I have to, but I thought I'd check here whether anyone else has suggestions for comparable options available locally.

It needs to be a stand-alone tent rather than a net you hang from something, as I don't know whether I'll have something I can hang it from.
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This maybe or this?
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Oh, sorry, I placed too much emphasis on 'tent'. Is it to cover a bed or to use as a sleeping cover for an adult camping?
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The smallest and lightest mosquito net for backpackers is the Atwater Carey single sleep screen. It is even smaller and lighter than the one you indicated. The dome part of it is about 3 feet square and covers from your head to waist. The rest is loose netting that goes to your knees. It works with a sleeping bag on the ground. It does not have a floor, so to sit up, you just flip up the dome in front of you.
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No, it's just a mosquito net to use over a bed, but it needs to have a frame like the Long Road one. I gather these are then called "mosquito tents" generally, but maybe why I'm not finding much is that I'm using the wrong search terms?
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That looks great, JackFlash! Unfortunately I can't find any Australian seller for that either, though. Of the sellers in the list at the link you gave me, most won't ship to Australia, and the ones that will look like their shipping charges are either still more than $30, or they say "usually ships in 4 weeks". I am leaving on my trip in three weeks.
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Buy no-see-um netting from camping supply stores, such as LightHeartGear or Rockywoods. Cut to fit. Drape.

Not recommending either source, but my sources seem to have dried up since I last ordered. Just found these in a quick search.
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But drape on WHAT? I really want something with a self-supporting structure, because I don't know for sure I will have something to tie a net to. And it's for protection against malaria/dengue, so don't want to risk turning up and NOT being able to protect myself.

I think I'm going to go with the Long Road one I was originally considering and too bad about the shipping cost. A friend tells me from experience that mosquitos can bite you through the netting when it is lying against your body, so the suggestion JackFlash gave is not so ideal.
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Okay, I ordered the Long Road tent, so please please please please don't tell me about a better Australian option now. I would rather not know.
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