This boy likes to bounce! Help me find him a birthday gift.
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Help me find a cool birthday gift for a boy who likes to bounce.

My boyfriend's son will be 12 in a couple of weeks. He's generally a glued-to-Minecraft type of kid, but I recently gave him a hand me down pogo stick and, lo and behold, he loves it! He's outside practicing on the thing almost daily and keeps trying to beat his last record of continuous jumps. This is great - he's happy, and boyfriend's happy that he's getting off the computer and getting air and exercise. I'd like to get him something for his birthday that will encourage more outside play that involves balance, jumping, or coordination, since he appears to be good at that. He has a skateboard and skooter (both are dusty). Under $50 would be great.

He also has a 9 year old sister who he plays well with, so it could be something designed for more than 1 player. Any ideas?
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Trampoline with guard net.

Moon Shoes
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You said he has a skateboard, but have you considered a Ripstick? They're really popular and a lot of fun and in some ways, a lot different/more easy to use for that age.
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I also use to have one of these. (Mine was Mickey Mouse) We called it the bouncy ball, but it looks like amazon wants to call them hoppers.
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(rats, under $50....nm. O_O)
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A balance board. E.g., but there are plenty of other kinds.
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How about trampoline lessons? He can graduate from bouncing to flipping. Is there a community center or gym nearby with a trampolining program?
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gift card for skyzone in boston? (your profile said MA, not sure if you're close to there or not.) that way he can try trampolining before you shell out a bunch of money for one/for classes.
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Perhaps the pogo ball (~$25), a relic of my 1980s childhood?

Aside: good gravy, these powerized jumping stilts look super fun -- but maaaaybe scary from a parental point of view (check out the videos), and quite a bit out of your preferred price range........ However: omg. OMG.
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If you do decide on a trampoline -- and exercise rebounders are available at your price range -- make sure you check first. Trampolines are a nightmare on the insurance front and can result in homeowner's or renter's policies getting cancelled.
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jquinby: "(rats, under $50....nm. O_O)"

You can find used rollerblades at a second-hand stores, like Play It Again Sports. But I rarely see any kids rollerblading anymore. I wonder if it's not considered cool by the youngsters these days?

What about a unicycle? It looks like the ones on eBay are just about at or a teensy bit over your budget. (Obviously make sure he has a helmet, gloves and possibly elbow/knee pads.)
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Is there a circus school nearby? I know that there's at least one in San Francisco that has both lessons and does birthday parties.
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Maybe a unicycle?
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If they live in a city that has a SkyZone trampoline gym, maybe you could get a gift card for there.
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I would go for a unicycle, or maybe get stuff for slack lining, which is like tightrope walking but on a big long piece of webbing two feet off the ground. Low tech, low cost, easy to start but hard to master, all that good stuff.
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Bongo board. You'll have to get used or a rip-off brand to stay under budget, but that seems possible.
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How about Parkour lessons?
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I was going to suggest a unicycle like others above, but now I will also suggest stilts.
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