How to Nashville bachelor party?
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Nashville bachelor party. 20 guys. I'm the best man. Help me plan?

I have a small army (20 guys) coming in to Nashville this Fri/Sat/Sun for my brother's bachelor party. I've never been to Nashville, so I definitely need help planning this thing.

Here are our constraints:
-Staying at the Marriott Renaissance downtown, and would prefer to avoid lots of driving (although we'll do it if there's something we can't miss)
-Scheduled for a Yazoo Brewery tour at 3:30 on Saturday
-Country scene is A-OK
-No strip clubs

So my questions:
-Where do we eat? At least one semi-nice place (jeans appropriate) that would take a reservation for 20 guys would be awesome.
-What do we do? Anything live and awesome happening this weekend?
-Best bars within walking/stumbling distance of our hotel?

A few other things:
-Is it reasonable to place a to-go order for 20 servings of chicken at a place like Bolton's?
-I'm under no illusion that we'll all be doing the same thing at the same time, so I'm open to lots of options.

Thanks, hivemind!
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For eating, Merchant's is pretty good and I think jeans would be appropriate at dinner. No idea if they can accommodate a group that size. The Palm is another option. I've seen larger groups there. Both are easy walking distance from your hotel. For drinking within walking distance, IMHO the best option is just to stumble from bar to bar on Broadway. It's pretty touristy, but it can be fun, and there are a lot of places. I don't think one specifically stands out. Hard Rock Cafe is down there (again, walking distance) if you're into that. But there are lots of places for rowdiness and drinking, and if you go walking that way you won't miss them.
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Oh, also, I'm a big fan of Puckett's Grocery on Church street. Not fancy, but good southern food.
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Best answer: If I'm remembering right, I stayed at about the same place about this time last year for my buddy's bachelor party. Everything I mention is gonna be within few enough blocks that you can stumble about anywhere.

Food: BB Kings. Bonus, there's good music. Call ahead, but I think they can sit that many with some of the tables there. I rocked jeans and a button up, and our whole crew was, they didn't look sideways at us.

Bars: Printer's Alley was hopping until about 4AM. Broadway also has a ton of stuff, and it's not all country. We started drinking, went to BB Kings, and went drinking more. I think other than Printers, we hit Full Moon, Broadway Brewhouse, Whiskey Bent, Wild Beaver, and there's another one, but to be quite honest I was totally blasted.

Pro Tip, make sure everyone that goes has their phone fully charged and turned to use as little power as it can. Some of the holes in the walls can get weird reception, and getting turned around happens, especially if the group splits.

Pro Tip 2, look for the hot girls passing out free beer coupons, roll in to wherever, get your piss cup full of piss warm beer, and don't be afraid to peace out if it's not your scene. They won't hassle you unless you try it multiple times over the night/weekend.

Pro Tip 3, don't ask the Sbarro downtown to sell you a whole pizza. They'll not know how to process that command.
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I think that brunch or lunch at Monells would be a MUST DO for Nashville.

Just hanging out on Broadway is something to do. Or The Gulch is a bit of a different take from the usual Nashville haunts.

I don't love the food at BB Kings, but the blues might be good.
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deezil has great suggestions. I'd maybe add the Big Bang on Broadway to your list of bars, it's a dueling piano bar, which is fun, and it's open until 3 or 4am.
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The one I couldn't remember (thanks Best Man!) was Beer Sellar. Lots of beers.
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