Why are links from other apps (Twitter, etc) spawning new windows in Chrome?
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Why are links from other apps (Twitter, etc) spawning new windows in Chrome?

This is probably really obvious, but not sure how to fix it. Something has changed in my settings so that when I click a link from Twitter or Droplr, it opens a completely new window in Chrome. Ordinarily, it opens in a visible tab. I've checked Chrome's settings and don't see anything about new windows.

Worth noting, this is a new issue and I don't recall deliberately configuring things this way, so I guess I hit something by accident? Thanks!
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Did you ever figure this out? There are no Chrome settings that will automatically open links in new windows, but there are extensions that will do it. You can see what extensions you have installed by typing "chrome://extensions" in the omnibox. There are more obscure ways you run into this -- for example, you can force a link to open in a new window by middle-clicking a link instead of left-clicking; perhaps your mouse configuration changed? Let me know if you're still having an issue with this.
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