Want to put a site up for a week or two.
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I just want to put a draft website up for a client for a few days. I have created it locally in a few directories and I want to put it somewhere, preferably for free or a few quid and without signing some year-long contract. I just want to FTP my files in and have done with it. Just HTML and CSS for now. It can expire in a month and can have whatever weird URL it wants. What's the best suggestion?

I don't want ads on it, preferably, and it would be nice if I didn't have to upload everything into a flat directory, i.e. I have /images folders and stuff.

Thank you, hive mind!
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000webhost.com is free, ad-free, and pretty straightforward for what you're doing. I've used it for similar purposes with no issues.
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Best answer: Have you looked at NearlyFreeSpeech? It would probably cost you no more than $2-3.
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Do you have any other websites? Could you just stick it in a "hidden" area of one, unreachable unless you know the exact URL?
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Does your ISP provide limited storage and hosting as part of your service? I've put-up small sites on my ISP-provided share before.
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Dropbox is free and works for this if you put the site files in your Public folder.
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I'm using Alwaysdata for this kind of stuff, see their free plan.
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Response by poster: Well that was easy, nearlyfreespeech worked very well. Thanks guys!
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Just in case anyone else is reading this in the future, StatiCloud is also a free ad-less host for static websites.
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