Midsomer Murders DVD collection
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Is there any place to buy the Midsomer Murders DVD collection from the start of the series up until the present time?

I've seen various seasons for sale but not the whole collection from the beginning till the current series.
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Amazon has them on their streaming/download service.

Looks like they're free to watch if you have Amazon Prime.
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Response by poster: Amazon was my first stop on this search.
I was confused about the labels "set" and "season" on the DVD's for sale.
See this screen capture.
Is season 18 the same as set 18?
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Best answer: You can match up the sets with the seasons by checking the names of the episodes in the set and comparing them to this episode list. According to Wikipedia there are 15 seasons total.

Here is the actual Amazon link I was trying to create earlier. Amazon has through season 12 for free if you have Amazon Prime.
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Netflix also streams thru season 12.
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If you're really interested in buying (rather than just viewing), you can purchase them from Acorn Media directly. They're running a special now that gives you 40% off if you buy 4 or more sets and they're sure to have the complete run and be able to answer any questions you might have about season/set overlap.
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Response by poster: clerestory,
Acorn Media was running a marathon of streaming Midsomer Murders this weekend for subscribers to AcornTV who paid $24.95 for a one year membership.
Thanks for all the help.
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