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Where in the US (ideally east coast) can I go sailing on a full-rigged ship?

I would really like to go for a daylong sailing adventure on a full-rigged ship. Where in the US can I do this? I don't care if it's a replica or not, and I don't care about participating as a crew member (that would be neato, but I have no experience in anything larger than a beetlecat). I definitely do not want any kind of motored yacht - sailing only!

I'd prefer something on the east coast but it's not a big deal as long as it's a domestic flight away. I've seen a bunch of triple masted museum ships at various maritime museums, but from what I can tell, none of them actually take on passengers and sail around for anything other than rare invite-only special occasions.

I guess a special charter would be okay too but man will I feel kind of weird chartering the entire thing just to nerd out over boats by myself, maybe with some poor reluctant non-boaty friend I have coerced into joining me.

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There's a Tall Ship Fest thing each summer in Cleveland. You can take a ride out into Erie on a tall ship under sail alone. Mine ride was a short one. There may be longer ones.
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Response by poster: Oops. I meant to specify ocean-going vessels! This Lake Erie thing looks pretty interesting, though.
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Best answer: The Bounty seems to fit your criteria. I work near the water at the southernmost tip of NYC and I've been watching the ships over the last few days and it just looks so awesome, so i hope you do find a way to do this.
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On the west coast, the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain offer both day sailing expeditions and longer charters. I haven't been out to sea on them, but I've been on them while in port and can vouch for their awesomeness.
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Best answer: Would the schooner timberwind, in maine, be close enough?
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Best answer: Check out the options at Sailing Ships Adventures.
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There's a beautiful two masted schooner that runs trips under sail from Gloucester, MA. It is available for charters too.
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Best answer: Ah. The options for ship-rigged vessels are few indeed. However, the tall ship Bounty will be travelling along the eastern seaboard the coming summer, they do not list opportunities for day sailing but you should definitely contact them to ask.

Flagship Niagara routinely offers day sails, but is neither ocean going nor ship rigged, being a proper brig instead of a half-breed brigandine or a dirty schooner, this or some other brig might be your best and easiest bet to get a taste of square-rigged goodness.

You can also search the Tall Ships America member vessels list by rig-type. I'd just start calling all the ships that catch your fancy and inquire about possibilites.
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Response by poster: Yeah, the square-riggedness is the main selling point for me. Piffle and humbug to the fore-and-afters!
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My friend chartered a boat for her wedding party- the Margaret Todd out of Bar Harbor. I'm sure it must do day trips with random tourists too. Also, Nova Scotia has day tours on the Bluenose II. You can also go around the world on the Picton Castle as crew (I was dying to do this, until I realized there was a 35k price tag attached (10+ years ago)).
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Cape Cod Maritime Festival.

They'll have a small ship called the Alabama you can sail on

The Alabama lives here and can be booked for charters:
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Best answer: Delaware has the Kalmar Nyckel. It sails from different places on the east coast in the summer. They have the schedule on their website.
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What about schooner goodness?
Banjos optional; we promise.
With Maine lobster,
or salmon.
Read their blog.
The coast is lousy with schooners.
There's a whole fleet.
Or a nice Friendship sloop?
Maine's nice in the summer. Just sayin.
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MaineMaine Maritime Heritage Trail (pdf, sorry)
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