Where to start with Supernatural?
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Should I carry on with season 1 of Supernatural or skip to a later season?

So a million tumblr screencaps convinced me to start watching Supernatural, but the first season (fair enough I'm only 2 episodes in) hasn't really grabbed me. Wikipedia tells me that season 4 shines above the first 3, should I jump ahead? Will I miss out on important context to the later seasons? Does season 1 improve?
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I started with season 2, wouldn't recommend starting later than that, but season 1 was pretty much all monster of the week episodes.
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I loved season one a whole lot. Aside from the Bugs episode, it's pretty much all pure awesomeness.
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Best answer: Plus the last few episodes of S1 are full of plot development for the next 2-3 seasons.
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If you want to get as much background as possible, I guess you can skip everything but episodes 9, 11, 12, 14, 17, 20, 21, and 22.

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Response by poster: Well I'm onto e3 already and knowing that plot development is coming will keep me watching! A dashboard full of Dean and Sam was too tempting!
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Wow, this is making me remember how different Supernatural was all the way back in season 1. It is like a different show now. Really. Wow.
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Best answer: The answers above are right, and elizardbits has good advice if you feel the need to skip ahead. But really, from about S1, E9, the show is solid all the way through. Yes, Season 4 was awesome, but only because of what came before it. And season 2 set up season 3. The finales on this show tend to be epic.

The pilot is solid for setting up the backstory, but those early monster-of-the-week format episodes are not the show at it's best. As the series goes on, even the monster-of-the-week episodes inform the larger story arc, and that's when things get good. Hang in there. If you made it through "Wendigo," I think you'll be just fine.
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Best answer: While it has grown so much as a show, and Season 1 isn't the best, I wouldn't skip ahead. It provides important backstory for the later, more compelling seasons.
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