Polly want a quokka?
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I am trying to find a source for a stuffed quokka. Google-fu has failed. Please help!

I am looking to find a quokka stuffed animal (plush). I am in the US [as opposed to Rottnest], and thus have been searching the internets to no avail. I have found only a quokka puppet, which is decidedly not the same, and also does not look like a quokka to me. I have also found other random quokka gifty things, but not a stuffed animal.

If you aren't sure what a quokka is, here is my current favorite quokka video, for reference.

Does anyone know of a source for a stuffed quokka? I even found one mentioned in a previous ask, but the link is dead.
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Quokka plushy and sold out quokka plushy. I am linking the sold out one because it is a DIY kind of thing, so maybe you could try to make one yourself for Polly?
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Taronga Zoo has a tree kangaroo, which is not exactly the same as a quokka but looks very similar when rendered as a plush toy. The bilby is also pretty cute, if you're willing to consider alternative weird Australian marsupials.
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Perth Zoo would probably have one as quokkas are native to Western Australia. You could try contacting them to see if they will ship internationally. Or perhaps the Rotto general store could advise you!
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iPhone not letting me make links...
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