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I am in Sydney. What gifts can I take with me to my nieces and nephews when I visit them in overseas? Maybe something Australian? Ages between 18-12.

If you could also suggest shops, that would be most helpful.
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tim tams
milo chocolate bars
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It would help if you could tell us a little bit about the gift recipients ie: their location and what they are into in terms of interests and hobbies, maybe, being adolescents they could be quite hard to shop for.

Generic Australian souvenirs include: thongs, fake boomerangs, fake didgeridoos, lewd stubby holders, gripping koala dolls wearing little hats with corks-on-string, hats with corks-on-string and chocolate coated macadamia nuts.

Genuine Aboriginal art (or books about same) is much cooler. Available at these places and elsewhere.
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Any girls? Little plush platypus or wombat, fairy penguin, etc toys *cute*
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Cherry Ripes!
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What about an Australian TV show? maybe something like Summer Heights High? I've been re-watching Sea Change, and it's excellent, they might like that too.

It depends a bit on where they live as to what I'd suggest as gifts.

You could also do the stereotypical / obligatory boomerang or even a didgeridoo for the boys (it's culturally taboo for women to touch them if you didn't know).
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Australian Geographic shops have some good things - this is a link to the physical stores, but they also sell things online. I would also have a look at the ABC shops, as they may have some good Australian things (also Australian tv shows on dvd, if they have a multi-region player). If you are flush with cash, how about ugg boots? Foreign city t-shirts are often a hit too, and agree with Tim Tams or chocolate bars that are not available outside Australia.
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Oh, the other place to look is Australia Post. Go into a decent sized Australia Post shop and they have great book and toy packs for kids, including Australian stuff. And also, Australian kids books - Possum Magic for the youngest, perhaps some Robin Klein or John Marsden for the older one. Go ask at any bookshop for advice.
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Sorry, I read that as 8-12, not 12-18! They won't want Possum Magic, nor the toys or games from Aus Post/Aus Geographic.

John Marsden definitely has good books for that age group. Also, Triple J Hottest 100 - annual compilation CD, latest one will be 2009 as it is held on Jan 26 each year (see any CD shop, but also ABC shops). Also Triple J t-shirts (national alternative youth radio station), also at ABC shops. I still standby the food, tv shows on dvd, ugg boots.
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My young overseas relatives are crazy about Aussie surfing clothes, swimming gear and accessories from brands such as Billabong and Ripcurl. If you have access to a local factory outlet you can get it 10x cheaper than what it retails for over there and hence up the bang for your buck.
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I came in here to see if someone would say Tim Tams. Whenever my brother comes to the U.S. he brings these. Our teen-aged sister immediately begins counting them and planning out the rationing. I mean, they are good, but she goes crazy for them.
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I third Tim Tams!
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Tim Tams are now seasonally available in the US, so if that's where the nieces and nephews are, it may not be quite as exciting.
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Yeah, surf brand clothing seems to be big with overseas kids. Billabong and whatnot do wallets, rings, etc etc, that also bear the desirable logo. ;)

Some Aussie music of the kind they play on Triple J, fer sure. Re more DIY music, didgeridoos aren't so strictly taboo for women as we're led to believe, from what I've heard; maybe look into it. (This site for one suggests it's all a new-age commercial stunt designed to make women want to break taboos and buy more of the things.)

Foodstuffs could include Twisties, Chomp, Minties (bit boring though), Caramello Koalas, Redskins, Peppermint Patties, Jaffas. Vegemite could be worth it just for the creep-out-their-friends factor.

The mockumentary 'Kenny' had people rolling around laughing when I saw it at a film fest in Canada.
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Definitely Ugg boots!
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I don't know if your sibling will love you for it, but I bet they'd go for an Aussie junk food sampler - there's a pretty exhaustive list of sweets in here already, and maybe add in some of the savory biscuits that have flavors that aren't as common in the US, like chicken or chili. Maybe have a taste test with them to determine whether Violet Crumble or Crunchie is superior. Definitely dare them to eat Vegemite. Bring some emu or kangaroo jerky.

Seconding the Triple J Hottest 100. In other media, yes, "Kenny" might go over well, and they might like "We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year." "The Castle" could be harder to sell them on, but might be worth a try. (If you do go with a DVD, make sure you get ones that will play in Region 1.)
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