Where to I find this Samsung LED TV component adapter cable?
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A friend's got a Samsung LED TV which has two input jacks (appears to be the "3.5mm" type) for Component signal - 1 socket for video (red, green, blue) and 1 for audio (red, white). Problem is: where do I find these cable adapters so we can connect (5) component cables into these (2) input jacks?

The second half of this youtube clip shows what I am talking about:

Suggestions to cheap sources, or even just part numbers would be great.

Apparently this cable comes included with the TV, but it appears to be lost.

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Best answer: Amazon has a component video cable that might work. If the audio connection is really just a 3.5mm input then I guess a regular RCA to 3.5mm would work.
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Monoprice is the online website I recommend for any kind of cable, cheap. Their prices are one half or less that of the Amazon suppliers bcwinters suggested.
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Something like this? $10 from Roku.
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PS the term to search for instead of 3.5mm is "minijack"
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I'm confused. How is it component if there's just one input for video? Component requires one physical connection for each component signal (red, green, and blue).
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Sorry, just looked at the YouTube video. That is a weird, non-standard way to do that.
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Best answer: Here's the component adapter (BN39-01154C) and the audio adapter (BN39-01154H). I'd be inclined to go with the OEM parts for this, given that it's a non-standard connection, and I don't see anything that comes close to matching the component adapter on Monoprice.
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Response by poster: Thank you very much - all feedback above was helpful!
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