90s Pro video equipment - Betacam SP - recycle, donate, what ?
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I have a Betacam-SP UWV 1800-p player/recorder. I cannot think of any use for it. Would it suit a college AV department ? Or a museum ? I'd like to see it find a good home, but I will settle for getting rid of it. Can any Mefiers recommend a next step ?
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Response by poster: I'm In the UK, btw.
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Although it's hardly state-of-the-art anymore, SP is still used and the 1800 was a respected workhorse. I would try a contemporary arts museum that has video works in its collection. Depending on their archival policies an old player in good condition might be very attractive.

Make it absolutely clear your offer is no strings attached.
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Best answer: SP is still widely used as an exhibition format at art houses, film festivals [cite], and other places that might be showing independent or student work (such as museums or colleges).

Your deck will probably get the most use at a theater, so I'd send an email around to any local ones that you know of first.

You could also try sending something out to the Association of Moving Image Archivists email list. "Free to a good home" equipment comes up there from time to time, and there are at least a handful of UK people on the list.
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