OH MY STARS! Can you help me keep them standing?
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I'd like to use star-shaped paper lanterns as centerpieces for my upcoming wedding. (Such as these http://starlanterns.net) Is there any way to make them stand up easily?

It would be ideal if the light source/stability source were the same object, or easily compatible. If not, have you seen any Moravian (more points=more stability) paper stars for sale in interesting colors?
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You can buy stands (sold separately from the lanterns) specifically for this purpose here.

Then there are are tabletop star lanterns like this, and very expensive votives like these. These aren't Moravian stars, but ooh la la the colors!
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I've seen paper star lanterns that have table lamp bases.

Some examples:

Since most paper lanterns come folded down (or can be folded down for storage), you could unfold them around a plain, small lamp base that has a lamp harp attached and then tie the two bottom points closed. The harp would provide a good amount of stability, and you could get some big enough to hold the center of the star about where the bulb would sit. You could also use hot glue (or double stick tape, etc.) to make the star stay in the right place against the lamp harp. HTH.
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