Large file upload service? In real life?
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We are traveling and have very slow Internet service. My BF is a photo retoucher and has about 100 large file images he needs to send to the client by tomorrow. It will take a week to send with our sketchy Internet connection. Is there a real life service that would do this for us (in the U.S. Not all images SFW)? Does Kinkos or some other place have a service for this? Any othe ideas? Thank you!
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Have you tried looking for a local Internet cafe and testing their upload speed?

If your budget allows, you could FedEx a USB thumb drive to the client overnight.
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Where are you located right now?
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Kinkos usually has computers you can pay to use or you can use a computer at a library for free. You just need a USB thumbdrive.
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Focus on getting to a place with a good internet connection, then use a service like yousendit. If you have a lot of files, their free service may not work for you unless you sent one at a time, but you can get an upgraded version and send your images all at once. Good luck.
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I agree with i_wear_boots, but would put all of the photos into a zip file, and would use DropBox and send the client a link to the single file. The recipient does not have to be a registered DropBox user to access and download the file. A have a couple of very computer-illiterate clients who have no problem receiving files this way, but have struggled with YouSendIt in the past.
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Kinko's, other copy shops, and libraries, all have internet service available. Pay by the hour or free, depending. Dropbox pretty much works.

Worst case scenario: buy a USB thumb drive, FedEx the files overnight.
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I don't know why people are recommending DropBox or a similar locker service, you still have to upload the photos to the locker. If you can do this, you could send the files yourself.

I would buy a cheap USB drive, stick the photos on it and FedEx it.
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How much data does he have to send? Time allowing, I would send both a USB drive and burned DVDs.
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Staples has computers with high speed internet that you can rent. They allow you to connect an external drive to the computer when you rent it.
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