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Are there any gluten free dining options on St. Thomas or Dominica?

I am traveling to the Caribbean islands of St. Thomas and Dominica this summer. I want to find gluten and dairy free dining options for both islands. I will be renting condos with kitchens on both islands, but I am looking for places to eat out occasionally that will be able to accommodate a gluten and dairy free diet.

So, can you recommend restaurants with gluten and dairy free menu options or vegetarian restaurants that are likely to "get" a special request? Any other options I am not thinking of?

I will be staying in Red Hook on St Thomas and Calibishie in Dominica, but I will have a car and I am willing to drive a while for a good meal!
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My mom lives on St. Thomas, so I know the food scene there pretty well. You can always order fish and some kind of veggie, however--just ask that it not have butter. This may or may not be honored (Caribbean service is, well, laid back). Any of the restaurants around the Yacht Harbor will probably be able to cater to you. Hotel restaurants will also be a better bet.

Shoppingwise, if you're staying in Red Hook, the Marina Market will probably have some gluten-free options, and Food Center, a warehouse-sized grocery store closer toward Charlotte Amalie, may also. They sell soy milk and Lactaid, so they probably have a few options. There's also a little gourmet market at Havensight, although I don't know how well stocked they are in specialty foods, diet-wise.
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I cannot specifically recommend a place, but I strongly urge you to check out TripAdvisor. Full disclosure: I work for them as a content rep, but all that means is moderating reviews, and people using it (or not) affects me in no discernible way. You can search for "gluten free Dominica" on the site, for example, and receive results. I know I've seen reviews and forum topics that address Caribbean eateries when you have food allergies. If you can't find the question in the forums, but post it there, you will in all likelihood receive some wonderful suggestions. I wish I could list some off the top of my head, but the community there, like MeFi, tend to be very helpful and interactive. Enjoy your vacation!
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