How do I save my new-to-me Zen X-Fi 16GB?
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New-to-Me Creative Zen X-Fi (16GB) holds a charge fine - until I plug it into the computer. Then the battery does a ten-second Death Spiral and the unit shuts off, making loading tracks an immense / impossible chore. Resetting sees a healthy green battery again. I'm at my wit's end.

I'm on a Mac, (10.7.3), and I can run Windows 7 via bootcamp. The error happens in both environments, and on one of the XP computers at work as well. I've formatted it and that's changed nothing. I'm afraid to try and re-load the firmware for fear of totally screwing myself into a corner, but I can see how that'd be my only option at this point. The firmware it has is the most current version.

I bought the offending unit used on Amazon for fifty bucks, which might be my first mistake. I'm not willing to quit on it yet, though; it just showed up today! I've managed to upload a few tracks via syncing with Windows Media Player, but even then only half of my stuff made it on there (I left the computer at that point, and I suspect that the Spiral began while I wasn't looking). Later attempts to load tracks via syncing have resulted in the Spiral at the outset, as usual. When it's connected successfully, it isn't charging.

Point is, how do I get around this goddamned roadblock and use my MP3 player like a normal person? Is there anything I might do other than try and return it? I refuse to be defeated by this BS just yet, but I've looked all over the Googleverse and I haven't found any evidence of this particular issue. Any advice would be welcome!
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Sounds like bad wiring. I know nothing about that particular device, but if possible try removing the battery and then plugging it into your computer. It may be capable of running off USB power without a battery.

Honestly I'd just return it, though.
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Best answer: Yes, sounds like bad wiring somewhere. Have you tried any different USB cable?
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Response by poster: Holy giraffes - a new USB cable did it! Seriously, that was it! I'm elated! Thank you!
posted by Chutzler at 10:03 PM on May 15, 2012

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