How to play music wirelessly on home theater system.
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Rdio/Bluetooth/home theater receiver/iPhone...please help me out of this mush.

I feel like I must be missing something very simple.

Here's my situation: I have an iPhone 4s. I have a subscription to rdio, which is how I listen to music these days. I have a home theater system.

Here's what I want: To play rdio on the iPhone through the home theater system. Basically, I just need to stream the output from the iphone to the home theater. Wirelessly.

This works like magic in my Ford Focus thanks to Microsoft Sync and the accompanying Bluetooth technology. What devices are out there that will allow me to do the same thing through my home theater?

If it helps, I bought this, but the sound quality was awful.
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Sounds like you just need an AirPort Express. It connects to your iPhone via wifi ("AirPlay") and your stereo via a cable. They're great, and simple, little boxes.
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What you are looking for would be the QED Uplay. It plugs into the HT and allows you to stream nearly any audio from a bluetooth device at "CD quality."

I've had one for a while now and it's been a godsend, although they are not cheap.
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Apple tv will do this over hdmi, which is as high fidelity as you can get with this kind of setup
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This is the best answer from a similar question recently - recommending this bluetooth bridge.
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