Small compartmentalized gym bag?
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I would like a very small gym bag, ideally no larger than a backpack, but it must have two separate compartments (where you put the gym clothes after the work out). Cross contamination = ew. Any tips?
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I'd say look for a bag that has a separate shoe compartment.

I ended up picking a "helmet" bag (or maybe it was a locker bag?) back pack that was just one big ol roomy sack, and had a simple drawstring bag to stuff the stinkies in.
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I've got a Jansport daypack with two big compartments and a couple smaller ones that I use for my shower stuff. Works fine.
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Alternately you might try what I do and toss some mesh faced luggage packers/cubes into whatever bag you're already using.
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I carry a largish plastic shopping bag, and fold it over after throwing my wet clothes in.
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... and then throw the sealed "dirty" bag into my gym bag, keeping clean things clean.
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Ziploc is making some larger zip bags that may be perfect for your purpose.
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Just to sympathize, I've been looking for something similar for use in washing my car. I think what would be great would be a duffel bag that is half regular and half net, with a wall in between, but I haven't found it yet.
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Why not just get a backpack/messenger bag with multiple compartments?
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Crazy idea: a diaper wet bag (link to a random wet bag that I'm currently using). Mostly used for keeping dirty cloth diapers, but seems to fit the bill perfectly. You can keep the sweaty clothes in it until you're home and wash the bag itself however often you'd like (they're washable).
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There are a lot of bags marketed to swimmers that are designed to separate a wet swimsuit, towel, etc. from dry stuff. Some of them use a waterproof compartment and others have ventilated mesh compartments for the wet stuff. Google "swim bag", "swim backpack", or "swim duffel" to see some of the options.
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I have these two bags, one an Ellington bag and another by Bloch:



Love both!
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Here's a better price on the Lindsay bag by Ellington - onsale at 6pm.

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Lindsay tote cheaper
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