What is this movie??
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I need help identifying a movie from the 80s!

This has been bothering me for years. There was a movie that I saw at a friend's house in the early 90s, but I'm pretty sure that the movie itself was from the 80s. All I can really remember is a scene where there is a couple in the shower and the woman looks down at her boyfriend's lower body and says (about his penis) something like: "It's really cute" or "I really like it." They were a young couple -- probably in their 20s -- and I'm pretty sure that they had just started dating. I also kind of feel like there was some camping or scenes that took place in the forest. I thought it could be a John Hughes movies, but I haven't been able to find one that matched.

Does anyone else know what the heck I'm talking about or am I making this up? :-) Thanks!!

(Notice how the only substantial thing I can remember about the movie is the penis scene. You know where my mind is!)
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For Keeps

I am honored to answer your penis question.
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AAHHHHH!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for answering the penis question of the ages! It wasn't John Hughes, but it *was* Molly Ringwald (practically synonymous in the 80s).

You, my good sir, win an award (preferably in the shape of a penis)!
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