Help me track down a song!
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Tunefilter: I'm trying to track down a song I heard in a bar last night...

I couldn't hear the lyrics, but it was just a guy singing and playing piano. Sounded sort of '90's alternative, but could be newer than that. It was not Ben Folds Five or Coldplay, I know that much. It's difficult because I could really only the melody.

I hesitate to ask this question because I have so little information, but I think I'd be interested in more piano music anyways.
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Maybe a song by Something Corporate? Possibly Konstantine?
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Can you record the melody and post it?
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What did the guy's voice sound like and/or what kind of melody/notes was it?
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Augustana? ("Boston")

Hey Rosetta! ? ("The Simplest Thing) - probably not because these guys don't get a lot of airtime.

The Fray? ("How to Save A Life")

I think this is a great question because if you love alternative-y piano stuff, you'll get a lot of ideas for music to listen to.
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Great ideas so far! I'm trying to tie this search to a reference point. The closest song I can think of at the moment is "Bobby Malone Moves Home":
(minus the drums, obviously, but similarly chord heavy)
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Rufus Wainwright?
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Ben Kweller?


How It Should Be
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Oh, another piano'y Ben Kweller song: In Other Words.
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Bon Iver?
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This might be a little more obscure, but how about "Known Diamond" by Ken Stringfellow?

Live performance, sound is kind of muddy.

You can hear the studio version from his MySpace page.

It's really an amazing song, whether it's the one you're looking for or not. So good. "You can throw dirt on a memory/but you can never say it's dead."
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Any chance you can just give the bar a ring and ask? If it was a CD playing, those things are usually either on heavy rotation, or something one of the staff bought in. Someone's bound to know.
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