What is the music in this Todd Solondz trailer?
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What are the songs in this trailer for Dark Horse, the upcoming Todd Solondz film?

The trailer, in addition to looking rather unlike a typical Solondz film, also caught me unawares for another reason: I somehow can't get the two songs that appear at 39 seconds in, and at 1 minute and 31 seconds in, out of my ear at this moment. My google-fu has failed me utterly.

Any help? Thanks!
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I know Eytan Mirsky has worked with Solondz in the past. Those two tracks aren't him, but you might want to drop him a line and see if he knows what it is, if no one else helps out.
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Best answer: Here you go!

“Everything You Need”
Performed by Kate Booye and Jon Estep
Written by Jon-Michael Estep
Courtesy of Crucial Music Corporation

“Who You Wanna Be”
Performed and written by Michael Kisur
Courtesy of Crucial Music Corporation
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Response by poster: Whoa! Thanks so much, nobody - deeply weird (though maybe not so much given what I'm reading about the film) to see that kind of teen-pop in a Solondz film.

if anyone wants to see the wondrously cheesy video for the Booye/Step song, check it out here - you can find a clip of the Kisur song here.
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