Middle-clicking in Firefox
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I'll use Firefox if someone can tell me how to keep middle-clicking from opening a link in a new browser window.

Setting middlemouse.openNewWindow to false in about:config doesn't do anything. I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what the problem may be, since I feel like I'm probably just missing something here.

Also, I like that F4 brings the cursor to the Address bar in IE. Is there any way to set key bindings like that in Firefox? Or, say, some sort of crazy extension that makes Firefox look and act exactly like IE, without all of the horrible security flaws and everything?
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You can turn on "Use autoscrolling" (under "Browsing" in the "Advanced" section of the preferences) to change the middle-click behavior.

Alt-D, Control-L, and F6 can all be used to select the address bar in firefox. (Alt-D and F6 work in Internet Explorer too.)
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(See also this complete list of Firefox keyboard shortcuts, including comparisons to IE and Opera.)
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For what it's worth, F6 will alternate focus between the main window and the address bar. Also, middle-clicking a tab will automatically close it without taking focus off of whichever other tab you're on. I haven't noticed the middle-click - new window thing, but I keep autoscroll on.
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The Tab Mix extension lets you configure all sorts of things about where new pages open under what circumstances.

The Keyconfig extension offers a limited ability to remap keyboard commands. Apparently, Firefox's design limits how much an extension can do in this regard. Coming up in, I think, Firefox 1.5 will be modifications to allow more sophisticated remapping.
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Response by poster: I had autoscrolling on to begin with. Still doesn't keep the middle mouse button from opening links in new windows.

I'll try Tab Mix, though, and see if that helps.
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Do you just want the middle click to do nothing, or do you want the link open in a new tab? If it's the latter, get Deer Park Alpha (the code name for an alpha version of Firefox 1.1). I've been using it for a few weeks, it's perfectly stable, and has an option to always open new windows in tabs instead.

If you want the middle click to do nothing, I don't know the answer.
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Here are some instructions on creating an IE "look'n'feel" in Firefox. I'm not sure what this actually accomplishes, but it answers your last question at least (sort of, anyway; it's not extension).
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knave, I have an older build and I still have the option to convert any new window command to a new tab instead. In Tabbrowser Extensions, just set general preference to Single Window Mode, which I think suppresses middle-click new window. Also, in Use Tabs => Links => Middle-Click, you can select middle click to have No Reaction or Open in Current Tab, Open in New Tab, or Open in Background Tag.
There's almost certainly a way to do this with TabBrowser Preferences, as well. I think I heard a rumor a long time ago that 1.1 would simply include TBP, rather than requiring downloading the extension. Is that why you can do that in your version, perhaps?
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Response by poster: Do you just want the middle click to do nothing, or do you want the link open in a new tab?

I want it to do nothing. And if what solotoro says about TBP integration in 1.1 turns out to be true, then I guess I'll probably just wait until that gets released. Thanks all.
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Middle clicking opens a new window? Sweet!
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odinsdream: I'm not sure if this will help, but if the company that makes your mouse offers a Configuration utility for OS X, you might be able to change the middle click's behavior to play nice with firefox. I have a logitech mouse and I set it so that middle-clicking acts as an Advanced Click, which is configurable and which I currently have set to behave as a Cmd-click. YMMV.
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My middle button opens a new tab, and I didn't install any additional extensions or anything. It's probably the feature that I use most.
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odinsdream: in addition to seconding invitapriore's comment, I'd like to point out that you can get one of the prebuild OSX nightlies of Firefox from anytime in the last, like, six-twelve months, which has the middle-click turned on. That's what I'm using right now, works fine.

Or, if Camino/Safari/whatever-else-you're-using-please-god-let-it-not-be-IE5 is holding you up OK, wait till the end of the month (early/mid August if the release date slips) for Firefox 1.1 which ought to provide a vastly improved OSX experience.

bingo: yes, that's the default behavior in Firefox and has been for a very long time, and it is indeed damn useful. The only situation where it's not is in the OSX port, as per odinsdream's comment. I can't imagine browsing without middle-clicking opening a new tab anymore.
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Forgot the link for odinsdream: http://homepage.mac.com/krmathis/
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For crying out loud! Looks like krmathis has stopped providing the Firefox builds and focusing on Camino only. The torch appears to have passed here: http://www.furbism.com/firefoxmac/.

Sorry for all the posts :(
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Response by poster: Middle clicking opens a new window? Sweet!

No. Horrible.
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