Recommendations for Canadian car insurance
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Looking for car insurance recommendations in Calgary, AB. Has anyone had a fantastic deal, good service or other tips?

Just bought a new car for Mrs. A., we're picking it up (Impreza FTW) on Saturday and need to get insurance for it.

We've traded in our BC and Texas licences for Alberta ones, but I have a gap in my insurance history for the last 2 years that we've been in China. Can anyone recommend a good insurance company that covers Alberta?
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I've been with Canadian Direct since I moved to Alberta three years ago. I really like them-- for whatever reason they've just dropped my premium every so often without fanfare, and now it's $30 less per month than it was when I started. Excellent customer service, too, at least as far as setting up the policy and sending out documentation/making temporary pink cards printable online. I've never had to put them to the actual test, though, as I've fortunately had no driving or vehicular issues. (I also had a gap and a driving history that was almost entirely outside of Canada.)
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I don't use them (mainly because the Toronto office doesn't pick up its phone), but friends with complex car insurance histories have received reasonable rates from Johnson Insurance.
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Best answer: If you qualify for it, everyone I know has gotten the cheapest rates from TD Meloche Monnex. You need to belong to an alumni organization or professional organization, usually.
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Response by poster: I just checked with TD, my new employer is listed with them so will plug away at them and the other recommendations tonight at home.
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Response by poster: Ended up going with TD Meloche Monnex. The agent was helpful and didn't make us go through as many hoops as some did in order to get insurance. Rate was one of the best I could get without having to unearth my grandfather's driving abstract.

Note to self: next time I move country, try and get a driving abstract before I leave.

Thanks to everyone that answered.
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