Cheap hair salons in Vancouver BC for a basic trim?
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Cheap hair salons in Vancouver BC for a basic trim?

I haven't had a haircut in over a year and I'm looking for a place to get a trim. I have long hair and all I want is a basic trim off the end and to cut my bangs a bit shorter.

I used to go those nice, $50+ hair salons but it really doesn't seem worth it when I don't want anything fancy. I mean, I'd cut it myself if I could reach the back. However, I once went to Great Clips and walked out with appallingly crooked bangs, so I'd like some basic measure of quality. Any recommendations?
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I have heard of and seen girls go into barbershops. The hairdressers there sometimes give a little grimace, which I understand because I imagine then it opens them up to someone with different demands and might actually expect a haircut - but I have never seen them turn anyone away. If you are genuinely interested in just the trim and not a bait and switch (not implying at all that you would), that might be a way to go with a decent tip.

Or, since trims are not very risky, just use the junior hair person at a salon - generally they can be in the 30 dollar range and there's some level of standard if they're in that salon.
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When I worked in Vancouver I always had a good experience with AXIS on West Georgia, but I typically paid $40 for a good hair cut. If you just want a quick trim, why not go to the El Cheapo place and be very specific with what you want? FWIW, since I "transitioned" out of the corporate world, I work at home and go to the barber for a $15 buzz cut once a month.
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Yeah, you can go to AXIS and request a junior stylist.
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What's your definition of cheap? You can get a haircut starting at $35 with a junior stylist at Caramel Salon on Granville at 7th. So far i've been really happy with them.
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What I liked about AXIS is that the stylists are all trained, often in-house, and were well-paid. It makes such a difference.
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Some girls at work go here and love the results.
It takes time, but the prices are very low, and the stylist is under instructor supervision..
Corner of Pender and Homer downtown.
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